In June 1967, five residents of Monterey Avenue decided they’d had enough of the same old neighborhood; it was time to clean it up. Garbage was not being collected, streets were dirty, and crime was not improving.

Born out of this meeting was a tenant group called “The Monterey Community Association.” From the onset, they began addressing the problems in the community. Soon, with the help of local politicians such as Assemblyman Robert Abrams, local television, and continued pressure on city officials through petitions, the Monterey Community Association began affecting change in the community.

From that small beginning, the group expanded into a positive community self-help program, which then-Borough President Herman Badillo hailed as a model for various groups throughout the Bronx.

Shortly after, the Monterey Community Association began to sponsor and develop other programs to meet the community’s needs. At the forefront were programs such as…

• Education and Job Placement
• Welfare Action Programs
• Summer Programs for Children

In 1970, a Day Care Committee was formed to work on the establishment of a Day Care Center in the community. The center opened on March 1, 1971, initially servicing 100 children. In 1973, a Family Day Care Program servicing 55 children was added. The committee then became the Board of Directors of the Tremont Monterey Day Care Center, Inc.

Over the past Forty-five years, we have expanded our activities, and today, we provide daycare and nutritional services to over nineteen hundred children in our one-group daycare facilities and more than eight hundred homes in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. Our group daycare program at 1600 Bathgate Avenue is one of the finest in New York City. Our Food Program is one of the most extensive programs in New York State.

We continue to welcome the participation and assistance of parents, educational institutions, churches, and governmental officials in our effort to provide the children of our communities with the highest level of care.